About Mortop


Mortop is a spirit. The meaning of Mortop is, we pursuit not just good but excellent. Mortop emphasis on product innovation, independent research and development in our designs. Our products must not only look amazing but also work well. That means, we will always provide customers with creative products that excite and surprise. Design, Quality, Safety, and Engineering, we consider all levels, and continue to improve, making Mortop more sophisticated. That is Mortop. 


Mortop was Founded in 2005 in Taiwan with the goal to build top-quality accessories. We design and manufacture our products in Taichung, Taiwan, where also our factory and warehouse is. We established global marketing, global service center, and distributors worldwide. Our distributors located in the America, Europe, and Asia, including Belgium, United State, China, Czech Republik, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Netherlands, and United Kingdom. We set up a complete production line, to ensure our top-quality products could be emerged and delivered to our clients.


Mortop have complete control over designing, manufacturing, and assembly in its own factory, which is the uniqueness of Mortop. With innovative thinking and design, we break the previous static design of products. Coupled with meticulous production process and strict quality control, ensuring that every product leaving our factory is of the highest quality and performance. Love of nature awakening drives us to use non-toxic raw materials and green manufacturing processes, Light-weight is another one of the specialty of Mortop product, which built based on safety. Let the ride can enjoy the convenience of light-weight product, at the same time, they can ensure their own safety. We create not only refined but also ergonomic products, the purpose is to get closer to the ride, and into their lives. 


Every product of Mortop you get, is the commitment of beauty, quality, and functionality. Behind this, it experienced considerate thought, numerous attempts, and countless refinement. Mortop continue to explore the desires of the ride and create innovate product, making the dreams come true. We expect that our products can be more perfect, in addition we also hope that Mortop can be better. This is Mortop.

Mortop International Co,.Ltd.
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No. 25-8-2, Tongle Ln., Beitun Dist., Taichung City Taiwan