Bottom Brackets and Quick Release Bearing

The BB can be said to be one of the most important parts of a bicycle. A good BB can reach the maximum speed with the least force in a smooth operation.

If you have these problems, please come and try our BB.
  • While enjoying the ride, I was disturbed by rattling noises.
  • When it is necessary to maintain or replace the BB.It feels cumbersome to disassemble the BB and is afraid of accidentally hurting the frame.
  • If you want to increase your output power.

Why use Mortop BB
The outer bowl design with both lightness and strength achieves the lightest weight design while maintaining the strength. The press-in BB has the lightest weight, and the external BB is light and locked with ISIS system tools, which can maintain a perfact surface, and press-in has the best bearing concentricity for the lock type, so that the resistance is further reduced.

All BB`s except 3724 and 4130 can be used as long as the shaft size is the same. For example, if you use Mortop External Bottom Bracket(BB1) and install Cartridge bearing, if you want to further reduce resistance and improve power conversion, you can contact a partner store, agent or directly buy the replacement quick release bearing 24mm ceramic on our official website. because of the easy replacement, you can install it at home by yourself, just remove the chainring tool. there is no need to remove the outer bowl, which reduces the chance of frame damage and saves your time and money.

Features of quick release bearing
The quick release bearing is equipped with contact seals on both sides, which has better sealing performance than non-contact seals. The Mortop contact seal ring has two contact points, that is to say, there are two layers of protection, which can effectively isolate the external dirty oil, water, dust, and soil from entering, and protect the lubricating oil inside the forest from being easily lost. the bearing keeps the best lubrication state.

The non-contact sealing ring means that there is no contact between the sealing ring and the bearing. The smaller the gap has better protection. The smaller the contact area has the lower the resistance.
The contact seal is the contact between the seal and the bearing. It has the better of protection than non-contact seals, but the resistance is more. For this reason, we specially developed the nano-lubricant for bearings, nano-level particles can fill metal and the fine gaps on the rubber surface improve the smoothness of the surface and reduce the resistance. Therefore, we can maintain the highest protection and lowest resistance when installing contact seals.

The internal structure of the quick release bearing is an angular contact bearing. Different from the general bearing, the ball of the angular contact bearing has a certain angle relative to the diameter direction when contacting the track of the inner and outer ring. This angle is more in line with the structure required for bicycle movement. Angular contact bearing can withstand the characteristics of lateral force, so the beads and rails are less likely to collide and cause damage. Coupled with exquisite processing, the gap between the beads and the rail is very small, and it is not easy to produce rattles.

It is very suitable for long-distance journeys. You are using a bicycle for a long-distance journey. We suggest that you can install Mortop BB and put on the replacement quick release bearing and remove the chainring tool. Then you can quickly replace it during the journey and keep your whole journey smooth. . Although our quick release bearing is very durable and unlikely to be damaged during riding, if you are going to replace the quick release bearing for maintenance, you can ensure a smooth ride!

The quick release bearing is also very suitable for Mountain bikes riders. It has a strong waterproof and dustproof level, which can resist the intrusion of sand, dirt, dust and water, and always maintain the best smooth state.

Electric bicycles with huge torque also need to be suitable for the use of quick release bearing. The contact-releasing structure can withstand greater torsion and increase the endurance of lateral force.

We installed the Mortop BB on the bicycles of the cooperative team, and used them for daily training and intense cycling events of more than 100 kilometers per day, and received very good reviews.