Once Installed, Use Forever

Two major features of MORTOP's BB

  • Only need to install once, maintenance and upgrade of the bearing does not need disassembly of the outer bowl
  • Angular contact bearing design makes the bearing more durable

In the past, many bearings would damage the bottom bracket during installation and replacement. After repeated disassembly, the BB shell would be enlarged and the frame could not be used. But don’t worry, the exclusive BB developed by MORTOP can help bike riders solve this problem. MORTOP’s BB outer bowl and bearing adopt a tapered design. This design allows the bearing to be easily detached after removing the crank. No matter whether the riders want to maintain or upgrade the bearing, there is no problem, because the outer bowl is always on the frame. It can minimize the damage caused by disassembling the outer bowl.

The internal design of the MORTOP bearing is an angular contact design. This design allows the bearing to withstand lateral forces. Why do we need an angular contact bearing? Because the rider’s pedaling force is not completely vertical during intense cycling, this will make the traditional bearing beads easy to damage the track, leading to irregularities and abnormal noise. Therefore, MORTOP’s bearing adopts an angular contact design to allow the bearing to be able to Withstand more lateral force, which is more in line with the direction of the pedaling force of the rider, and the high-precision processing makes the tolerance smaller and more refined. The bearing seal adopts a contact type to maintain the best sealing effect to prevent dust, mud, and water from entering. The addition of nano lubricants developed by MORTOP allows MORTOP's bearings to remain durable, strengthen smoothness and waterproofness, and become more stable during rotation.

And mortop bearings of the same specification can be shared, that is to say, you can choose the most suitable bearing for installation, choose fine iron bead bearing, or upgrade to super smooth ceramic bead bearing, which can be used according to the rider. Condition to replace. MORTOP also expects to introduce more bearings in the future, allowing riders to choose the most suitable bearings for themselves.