Robust and silent

The 7075 high-strength aluminum alloy is made with a precise process, with more precise concentricity, and is installed with ISIS tools, which is firm and perfect exterior. Use Mortop quick release bearing, fit and quiet.

Full sprint

Angular contact is used to increase the lateral track area and disperse the axial force. extend orbit life. The tolerance is smaller and smoother, and there are stainless steel ball and ceramic ball to choose.

Ride boldly

Two-point contact seal ring and nano-lubricating oil, high waterproof and low resistance. Conquer all weather and terrain from now on.


Spindle Specifictions:
Bearing Specifications:

BBLPF30 with quick release bearing is suitable for spindle 30mm. It can be installed on a frame with a diameter of 46mm and a width of 68/73mm.

Material: Alloy 7075 cups

Spindle specifictions: Bearings for 30mm spindle

Shell DIA: 46mm

Shell width: 68-73mm

Weight:  Cartridge weight: 168.3±0.5grams / Ceramic weight: 165.3±0.5grams

2 Bottom Bracket cups
2 Mortop Bearings
2 Dust alloy covers
2 1mm Ø30mm spacer
5ml syringe of Nano lubricant
Assembly lubricant

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