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Started in 2005



There is a group of people in this world for whom riding is a life, where sweating in the nature or enjoying the wind on the road is a daily routine, and bikes are important partners in life, even family, where different bikes with the same philosophy bring us together as one big family.

Started in 2005

Every day on the road we discover new things and ideas, and luckily we have the expertise, the manufacturing skills and the passion to start our own brand.
Our ideas come from all over the world and we have set up our headquarters in Taiwan, a place where we have a large chain of related industries and where our dreams can flourish.

Transforming Cycling

We don't just want to provide you with products, we want to provide ideas that will change your riding life.

Ensuring Everything

We didn't just design it, we built it, we put it through rigorous testing, but we didn't feel it was enough, so we put it through more diverse riders and more brutal damage tests in more hostile environments to make sure it works for every environment and for you.