Bottom Brackets

Lift riding experience comes from bearing spinning smoothly.

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Solid manufacturing process

The bottom bracket crafts of aluminum alloy proceed the CNC machining repossessed precisely to minimize each detail's tolerance. Anodizing apart from colors, the surface could cut down on oxidization. Durable components accompany you enjoy riding in every path like a partner.

Meticulous performance

Installing bearing with ISIS 20T the lowest technical threshold, make the bearing run unhindered and bring out the full performance of the MORTOP bearing. These are vital but not primary the concentricity of bearing manipulated that bottom bracket whether it could operate more smoothly. Particularly about the accuracy of components, and they fit with inner side reduce the loss of bottom bracket.

1. Lateral force

We designed of angular contact bearing track in order to increase the lateral force with the crux of the matter which extended the bearing lifetime. In addition, it could nicely transfer the kinetic energy while you are stepping peddle.

2. Dustproof water

Sometimes your bearing might affect easily by some elements such as external foreign intrusion or insufficient lubrication that would be caused riding to not smooth. Therefore, contact seals and special nano-lubricants can perfectly seal the inside of bearings and isolate all factors that affect efficiency.