Bottom Brackets Overview


The distinctive Mortop is designed from the perspective of "making the most suitable bottom bracket for users" as this entry point. The tapered design can make the bearing more fit the aluminum bowl, improve the unnatural vibration, and eliminate the abnormal sound.In addition to making it easier to disassembly , also protect your bike from damage!



Different from the previous open ball bearings, angular contact bearings use a diagonally fixed design. The force during riding can be distributed to a larger area, so that each ball can receive an even force and reduce In order to reduce friction and maximum wear, you no longer worry about the force used when riding force and because the angle is different, the bearing will be worn to the ball, which will cause damage to the bearing.
The durability and usage rate are strengthened, and your mileage is doubled, and you can ride more and more smoothly without feeling any resistance at all.


The general External BB or Twist BB bracket, we use the internal locking design, and the installation can be completed by fixing the inner lockpoint during the installation process. It is not necessary to fix the appearance and is afraid of wear. After the installation is completed, it is not visible at all Any traces of installation and use, keep your car beautiful.