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Headset bearing

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Headset highly sealed bearing, suitable for a wide range of Mortop Headset replacement.
SKU: B39-6.5-45
Spec: B39


Material Steel
Bearing Type Cartridge
In The Box
Headset Bearing 1 Bearing
Item Size Weight
B38-6.5-36 Ø27.15xØ38x6.5x36˚x45˚ -
B38-6.5-45 Ø27.15xØ38x6.5x45˚x45˚ -
B39-6.5-45 Ø30.15xØ39x6.5x45˚x45˚ 16g
B41-6.5-36 Ø30.15xØ41x6.5x36˚x45˚ -
B41-6.5-45 Ø30.15xØ41x6.5x45˚x45˚ 20.3g
B41.8-7.7-45 Ø30.7xØ41x7.7x45˚x45˚ -
B41.8-6.5-45 Ø30.15xØ41.8x6.5x45˚x45˚ 21.9g
B41.8-7.7-45 Ø30.7xØ41.8x7.7x45˚x45˚ -
B41.8-8-45 Ø30.15xØ41.8x8x45˚x45˚ 25.1g
B41.8-6-45 Ø32.7xØ41.8x6x45˚x45˚ -
B44-8-45 Ø30.15xØ44x8x45˚x45˚ -
B46.9-7-45 Ø34.1xØ46.9x7x45˚x45˚ 28.3g
B47-8-45 Ø35xØ47x8x45˚x45˚ -
B49-7-36 Ø37xØ49x7x36˚x45˚ -
B49-7-45 Ø37xØ49x7x45˚x45˚ -
B51.8-7.5-45 Ø40xØ51.8x7x45˚x45˚ -
B51.8-8-45 Ø40xØ51.8x8x45˚x45˚ -
B51.8-8-36 Ø40xØ51.8x8x45˚x36˚ 32.7g
B52-7-36 Ø40xØ52x7x36˚x45˚ -
B52-7-45 Ø39.8xØ52x7x45˚x45˚ 31.1g
B52-8-45 Ø40xØ52x8x45˚x45˚ -