Horizon ZS Headset

Sale price$22.90 USD
SKU: HI65-1-1
Color: Black


Spec (S.H.I.S): ZS44/28.6 | 6.2mm Stack

Spec (S.H.I.S)

Material Alloy
Bearing Type Cartridge
Material Black M6 alloy screw
In The Box
Upper Headset 1 Screw
1 Top cap
1 Split ring
1 Height cap
1 Headset bearing
1 Headset cup
Lower Headset 1 Headset bearing
1 Headset cup
1 Crown race
Item S.H.I.S Frame Diameter Fork Steerer Top Stack Weight
HI65-Upper ZS44/28.6 44mm 28.6(1-1/8 inch) 6.2mm 38.7g
HI75B-Upper ZS44/28.6 44mm 28.6(1- 1/8 inch) 16.3mm 42.4g
BH10-Upper ZS44/28.6 44mm 28.6(1- 1/8 inch) 8mm 48g
HS120-Upper ZS49/28.6 49mm 18.6(1-1/8 inch) 4.5mm 57.2g
HI65-Lower ZS44/30 41.8mm 30(1-1/8 inch) - 28.4g
BH10-Lower ZS44/40 41mm 30(1- 1/8 inch) - 32.4g
HI130-Lower ZS49/30 49mm 30(1- 1/8 inch) - 40.9g
HI122B-Lower ZS56/40 56mm 39.8(1.5 inch) - 52.8g
HI121B-Lower ZS55/40 55mm 39.8(1.5 inch) - 49.5g
-Upper Headset and Lower Headset sold separately.
-Expander and star nut excluded and sold individually.