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Fun5° Bearing Ultra 30 set

Sale price$115.00 USD
Tapered bearing for Spinning BB, Propelling BB, Screwing BB cartridge ball replacement, it easy to replacement and avoid the damage the cups make your partner accompany with you longer.
Spindle (mm): 30

Spindle (mm)

Bearing Type Fun 5°
Bearing material Ceramic
Bearing Compatibility BBA32, BBA30, BBA29
Only BBA32 Before 2021.10
In The Box
30mm Spindle 2 30 Fun 5° Bearings
2 Dust alloy covers
29mm Spindle 2 Fun 5° Bearings
2 Dust covers
Item Crankset Weight
BBA30S 30mm axle crankset 46.7g
BBA29S Sram DUB 48.5g