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Spinning BB 30 Ultra

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Spinning BB 30 Ultra is a thread-together bottom bracket adopted with ceramic ball angular contact bearing suitable for a 30mm spindle and SRAM DUB 28.99mm. The ceramic ball bearing is smooth plus the cups precisely fit the inner shell letting riding without creaking and riding flow.
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Select Spindle (mm): 30

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Tapered Profile

Fun5 bearing technology not only enables automatic coaxialisation for improved power output. Its easy maintenance feature ensures that it can operate smoothly for extended periods, while angular contact further enhances its reliability and longevity.

The Art of Stability

The 20T internal locking mechanism not only has greater installation fault tolerance while maintaining a sleek appearance, but also features a Thread Together structure that prevents foreign objects from entering. This increases rigidity, enabling it to conquer more challenging terrains. This innovative design provides cyclists with greater confidence and control during rides, making it an ideal choice for adventurous and rugged terrain.

Ceramic Rolling

This technology incorporates ceramic beads with low resistance that are immune to rust, deformation, and bonded with nano grease. These features provide the benefits of reduced resistance, faster running speeds, and exceptional water resistance, surpassing the performance of conventional steel balls.

BB Type Thread-together
Material Aluminum cups
Bearing Compatibility BBA30 or BBA29
Bearing Type Fun 5°
Bearing material Ceramic
In The Box
30mm Spindle 2 Bottom Bracket cups
2 30 Fun 5° Bearings
2 Dust alloy covers
2 1mm Ø30mm spacers
29mm Spindle 2 Bottom Bracket cups
2 Fun 5° Bearings
2 Dust covers
2 0.5mm Ø29mm spacers
10 1mm Ø29mm spacers
Item Spec Shell DIA Shell Width Crankset Weight
L30AC BB30 42mm 68/73mm 30mm axle crankset 120.5g
L3029AC BB30 42mm 68/73mm Sram DUB 120.5
LPF30AC PF30 46mm 68/73mm 30mm axle crankset 165.3g
LPF3029AC PF30 46mm 68/73mm Sram DUB
LRIGHT30AC RIGHT 46mm 79mm 30mm axle crankset
LRIGHT29AC RIGHT 46mm 79mm Sram DUB
L38630BC BB386 46mm 86.5mm 30mm axle crankset -
L38629BC BB386 46mm 86.5mm Sram DUB -